Cousins Galore.. A surprise made in heaven..

Away from the health side of things this week has been one of the best!!!! 

On Tuesday after returning from the scan at hospital I was laying in bed playing on my phone, the doorbell rings.. nothing strange.. It had to be my sister coming back from work. As my mum was downstairs she opened the door. Now my room is close to the stairs and I always keep my door fully open which means I can hear what goes on downstairs. I could hear my mum saying hello and kissing people.. More than one person.. We have no planned guests.. So nosey me gets out of bed, and pops my head from the staircase to see whats going on…

To my surprise I see my cousins on my doorstep!!! 2 of my cousins from Belgium and one of my cousins from Canada with her little son!!! Like seriously!! They actually came to London for one night just to see me and surprise me… All my family knew and were in on the surprise!!! So I ran down the stairs and there were so many hugs.. 

My energy levels were at their highest when my cousins were here.. I have never been so jolly and hyper.. The usual ‘crazy’ me.. I feel I used up every bit of energy in my reserve.. It was so good to have them around..

They only came for one night because they didn’t want to tire me out (how considerate!!). The first night kicked off by celebrating my nieces birthday – she turned 9!! It was extra special for her to have more family around..

We then took my cousins by car at midnight on a tour of London’s main attraction sights.. My mum being the super driver.. I stayed put in the car whilst my cousins hopped off to take photos next to Tower Bridge and the London eye.

(Photos stolen from my cousins Instagram.. I was too busy playing Pokemon go.. So many pokemons to catch downtown in London!! Definitely more than my bedroom!)

The next morning we had breakfast at home and then walked to the park across my house.. We spent some time on the swings.. at that time of the day the park didn’t have many people which was ideal for me!

We then went to ‘The doll house cafe’ in Harrow on the Hill .. Its not far from home and is one of my favourite cafes.. We chatted and enjoyed the beautiful weather.. A lot of the time I forgot i was even ill.. I just felt normal and made the most of every moment!

Next.. We walked around the area (I love Harrow on the Hill its great as its not crowded).. My cousins took a few snaps.. The day was just all laughs and jokes.. Happy happy times..

My beautiful and crazy cousins.. I wouldn’t change a thing about them!

Unfortunately the fun didnt last too long.. It was time for me to head back to the hospital.. To reality.. More checkups..

My cousins caught the double decker bus home (my cousins son that cute bundle of joy in the photos wanted to experience the bus ride.. How adorable!).

By the time I was done from hospital it was time for us to drop them off…

For the short time they were here they filled my life with so much love and happiness.. 

Thank you guys for the best surprise.. For making the journey to London.. For bringing so much laughter, love and happiness.. I am so so blessed to have you!!

Thank you for everything.. For the beautiful flowers and gifts.. Most importantly for brightening my week by seeing you.. I miss you all so much.. And life suddenly feels dark and dull again.. But I am going to get better so we can have a massive get together! I love you all..

This post is fully dedicated to my beautiful family.. As for health updates I will write a quick update on a separate post.. I want to keep this post full of positive energy and love!

Lots of love to everyone and everyones families.. XxxxX


2 thoughts on “Cousins Galore.. A surprise made in heaven..

  1. Oh dear, jet lag pictures are lovely 😀
    You give AMAZING hugs. I can still feel your positive energy. Most importantly My child got to meet the warrior, not just hear her voice, trust me, it was not easy keeping him germ free 🙂
    We are so grateful for having you in our lives. Love you tons.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. I am forever grateful for your visit and the best surprise ever!!! Thank you for all the love and support.. Your beautiful inside and out! Miss you and the cutest kid so much!!! Love u to bits xxxxxxx


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