Getting a bespoke wig.. Amiwigs

Exciting day it was today!

Since i found out about losing my hair i have been keen to get a wig made which i can wear until my hair grows back. The NHS offer a synthetic wig which most patients opt for, but as i have this obsession with hair i wanted a wig that would be as close to my real hair as possible!

I had a consultation today at Amiwigs a bespoke human hair wig making company based in Richmond. I came across them online and in the magazine ‘Stylist’ and was instantly drawn to the story of its director Amy who has a wealth of experience in wig making – the positive reviews on her website says it all!

Amy originally worked in the film industry making wigs, hair pieces and facial hair for the BBC, she then moved into the film insustry, world of opera and theatre. Amy has worked for television dramas such as Midsomer Murders, Mr Selfridge and Game of Thrones, and feature films such as Warhorse and Thor 2, as well as being a key wig maker on Harry Potter (information taken from Amiwigs website). 
What was really important to me when choosing a wigmaker was finding someone who has made wigs for people with hairloss due to medical reasons. Many of the clients who have had wigs made by Amiwigs are similar to myself, they have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other medical reasons.

So.. This is what happened today.. I went with my mum.. Embarrasingly we arrived 15minutes late, Amy was really nice about it! Usually i am very good at time keeping but today i just couldn’t find a parking spot – had i read the guidance on Amiwigs website which tells you where to park i wouldn’t have been late.. Oh dear.. Lesson learnt

We met Amy and her intern who were both very warm and welcoming! Amy took a long time listening to what i had to say and was very understanding.

I explained my worry about losing my hair.. And how its been a shock because i had grown my hair for my upcoming wedding.. Also how I am desperate to get a wig made before my 28th birthday (which is in July!! Yes im a roaring Leo) 

I really dont want to be bald.. I want to keep my hair.. I want long hair.. I want to be able to run my hands through my hair.. Tie it up and style it.. Anyway..

I was shown a selection of different style wigs.. All are bespoke and made of real human hair, you can choose European or Asian hair.. 

I chose the style, colour and length of hair.. I opted for European hair as it’s usually better quality.. I tried on the sample wigs to get a feel of what a wig would look like.. It was useful having my mums opinion combined with Amys experience to choose the perfect wig for me! 

Amiwigs are made to measure so they fit well.. I had my head measurements taken.. 

Whilst Amy was taking my measurements i was trying to imagine how i would look.. However perfectly made a wig is its still not your own hair.. Its still something that has to be worn.. I hope wearing a wig will give me the confidence and happiness i’m looking for.. I hope being bald won’t be that difficult to deal with.. Gosh.. This isnt easy.. 

I say i will wear a wig in my wedding but i don’t know how comfortable i will feel looking at my wedding photos knowing that i was wearing a wig.. Anyway thats too early to think about.. Lets think positive.. 

It will take 6 weeks for my wig to be made.. I cant wait to see the final result!! 

In the mean time as Amy advised me i will try and get a temporary wig to wear.. 

Wig shopping? Thats the new trend! No seriously.. Even celebrities nowdays are wearing wigs.. Will keep you posted on my wig shopping experience!!

If you are interested in getting a wig you can visit Amiwigs website..

By the way.. I might sound like a salesman but honestly i have not been paid to recommend Amiwigs.. I am just sharing the excellent service i have had so far..

I’ve talked enough about hair and wigs.. but i had to share with you this clip on hair extension my niece got for me!!! She is so cute.. She told me.. “You can have your long hair back”.. 

I’ll leave you with these last words from the book i was gifted..


8 thoughts on “Getting a bespoke wig.. Amiwigs

  1. Your story is so touching and it just reminds us that illness can happen to anyone and at the least time expected. You are such a strong person with lots of positivity so keep it up. Will keep you in our prayers!!!


  2. I have to ask…. Does Amy accept hair donation?
    I use to donate my hair to locks for love every 4 years. I just recently found out how much they charge cancer patients for real hair.
    I am cutting my hair to show you my support. LOVE YOU ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Hey Roya!! I think your absolutely amazing donating your hair to charity.. Im sure there are many out there who cant afford human hair wigs. Very kind of! Thank u for showing so much solidarity.. Your support means so much. I will definitely ask Amy and let you know. Love u to bits xxx


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