Preparing for the ‘Big day’

I’d like to say the ‘big day’ is my wedding.. But unfortunately no.. Thats out the window.. Well for a year at least..

My new ‘big day’ is the first day of starting my treatment.. My chemotherapy! I never imagined there would be a day when i would be telling people about how excited i am at starting chemotherapy.. But when your faced with dealing with my symptoms and having rough days, just the idea of recieving a treatment that will take my symptoms and maybe worries away is appealing..

My chemotherapy is starting in 2 days time!!! 

Today i went into hospital for some blood tests to check all is well before i start my chemotherapy.. 

I also had an injection called Zoladex.. This is to help protect my ovaries whilst i am on chemotherapy.. Oh my lord the needle used to give this injection is huge.. I was so shocked.. Its wide and long.. Next time i will take a picture to show you.. I’ll be having this injection monthly! 

Whilst on the topic of fertility.. This weekend I completed my ‘pre chemotherapy fertility preservation’.. After 2 weeks of injecting myself daily and having a minor procedure I can thankfully say that is now out of the way.. It was quite an exhausting day yesterday which has left me run down and therefore I choose not to focus on it..

Now back to the real talk!! I cant believe I am a hand stretch away from starting my treatment.. I have mixed feelings.. Part of me is looking forward to the road of getting well.. but I am so nervous and anxious about what comes with the chemotherapy.. What if I begin to feel more sick than I already am.. At least I can walk about now.. I’m dreading the thought of nausea and vomiting.. Now I know I should be thinking positively but I am well aware that chemotherapy is not pleasant.. What if it doesnt work.. 

My fiance has flown in to be by me for my chemotherapy so thats made me massively happy! My chemo buddy.. I don’t know what I would do without him as well as my family.. Everything is so much easier when you have people around you to support you.. It takes the edge off

As there are quite a few restrictions on what I can do and eat whilst on chemo I’ve decided to try and make the most of these last few days, all within the limit of my capability.. I don’t have half the energy I had before so I can only go out locally.. So I went on a last pre-chemo date with my fiance.. We traded in our preferred high end Indian Restaurant “Veeraswamy” in Mayfair for a local burger shop “Two Buns” in Harrow.. this allowed us to stay close to home and i could wear my comfy flats rather than my tight fitting stiletto Louboutins! We then headed to Vue in Harrow to watch a movie “Me before you” – loved loved the movie.. Shed a few tears whilst watching.. Don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but its a must watch! Anyway, by the time the movie ended I was totally worn out, so we headed home and I dived into bed to sleep off my exhaustion.. Not my ideal idea of a date.. But I am thankful I was able to get out!

That’s probably the last time i eat a butger and have fries for months.. I am glad I made the most of it!

Okay.. So let the countdown begin.. Less than 48 hours till chemo starts.. I’ll tell you whats its like.. Fingers crossed..

I received the most cutest gift ever from some very special people.. They got me a “rescue pack” to help me get through my chemotherapy journey.. Honestly the most thoughtful gift ever.. I love every part of it.. I am forever thankful for the love and support they have shown me! 

Last but not least.. Something from the cancer to do list book..


4 thoughts on “Preparing for the ‘Big day’

  1. Salam habeebetee Milad.
    Be strong and stay positive. You may not have nausea at all.
    As for the list of the damages and side effects chemo may do for you just remember how Allah made the fire cool for Prophet Ibraheem. Keep reading اللهم اجعله بردا وسلاما as we read it for you too.
    I went through chemo. Your diet is key. Eat and drink healthy natural organic fruited and vegetables as much as you can. I I also found natural, home made, bone broth very nourishing.
    Our prayers for you during these blessed days of Ramadan.
    You will be fine. It is all about your attitude. So far from what I read in your blog your on the right track. Don’t worry about your hair it will come back.
    InshaAllah full cure and happy wedding.
    Love you


    1. We habibti khaleh.. So lovely to hear from you!! I hope you are well and in best health. Thank you for messaging me and for all the advice.. I will follow your tips and inshallah get better soon.. Thank you for reading my blog, i’m so happy to hear from you. Sending you my love xxxxx


  2. Hello lovey, its now my turn to read your blog. First of all, you’re an amazing author(why did you choose to be a doctor and not a writer!) Second of all you are a strong women and you have inspired me to live every day as if it is my last. I honestly am amazed at how amazing you have coped and like your sister said(you will get through this). I know you’ve probably researched everything under the sun but I went throught a phase where I thought I had breast cancer and came across this amazing website >>
    I want to thank you for writing this blog as it is so important to listen to our body(I have breast pain in one breast and have avoided going to the gp).
    You’re amazing and you will pull through!
    Lots of love(from a distant relative). ❤


    1. Hey Mona.. Thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog! That link you shared is very interesting and i have been reading it.. Thank you so much for sharing it! I sincerely hope you never fall ill and any pain you have goes away. Inshallah you have nothing. Sending you my love and hugs.. Thank you for getting in touch xxxx


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