Day 8 – feeling good

I am glad to say I am feeling much better!!  My mouth is no longer sore and I am eating and drinking as normal!! I’ve also got my voice back so the house is louder again.. 

I am so thankful, i never realised how debilitating it can be to lose the ability to talk and eat due to the pain.. I am so thankful to be able to drink a cup of water without fighting back tears of pain..

At the back of my mind i am fearful that my sore mouth will return after my next session of chemotherapy (next week), but i’m trying my best not to think of it and enjoy each day as it comes..

Today i had an appointment at the hospital (Haematology day care) for some blood tests and a check up.. 

I spent about an hour waiting to be seen, i was the only young patient amongst quite a few elderly patients.. however i felt a sense of belonging, i was sat there clutching my ‘chemotherapy book’ like all the other patients.. i felt i was part of the ‘chemotherapy club’.. I could see a few looks of sympathy but one friendly gentleman gave me a warm smile and nod which made me feel better..

I first had my blood tests done and a few checks.. Thankfully my blood tests were all reassuring but my nurse was concerned as my heart rate was high and i had mentioned i’d had chest tightness and palpitations.. big mistake!!!! This meant i had to wait to be seen by the haematologist.. and i have no patience!! So back i went to the waiting room where that friendly elderly gentleman was still sat.. He was fed up of waiting and started to chat.. He told me one thing which i took home with me.. “As a patient you have to learn to be patient”..  however obvious and simple his words are they are true.. Everything about illness requires patience!

So after another half hour of waiting i had an ECG which was reassuring.. I was then seen by the haematologist.. Long story cut short.. They will see how my next chemo goes next week and then decide if i need more heart tests.. For now i still have a heart and it’s beating so i’m grateful!

Today has been great! I went out with my fiance and niece to the park across our road for some fresh air..

Since i have fallen ill i’ve learnt to appreciate the simple blessings of life.. Having enough energy to walk in the park and smell the freshly cut grass and feel the warm breeze brush against my face.. that sense of normality..

Today is a good day.. Tomorrow will be even better..

Anyway thats some positivity from my life to yours..

I got this in the post from one of my close friends.. She is just so amazing!!! I am thankful for the friends and family who make my days so much brighter.. 


Sending you all love and positive thoughts..


12 thoughts on “Day 8 – feeling good

  1. Salam habeebti Milad. I was just told about your medical condition and was forwarded a link to your blog. I’ve just finished reading it all. Allah esaadich. Allah give you strength and iman to deal with the cancer. Inshallah ya rab the chemo treatment goes smoothly as can be for you and you make a speedy recovery so that you go back to doing the things you love. Alhamdulilah you seem to have strong iman and seem to dealing with the situation as best as you can. Alhamdulilah wa shukur. I truly believe this life is a test and sometimes Allah will give us hard tests to see how we deal in those circumstances. Allah will never burden you with something more than you can handle. Yoy are strong and Inshallah you get through it. It’s all ajir uw thawab for you habeebti and inshallah ya rab a speedy recovery from it. Life is hard and we dont have control over certain things. We plan as we do and subhanallah sometimes Allah has different plans for us that catch us by surprise. We must get up and soldier on and deal with it the best we can. You are a strong muslimah amd mui’minah alhamdulilah. I am 8 months pregnant and at 3 months I went for my dating scan and was told my baby has medical issues. After a CVS it was confirmed she has downs syndrome. As the pregnancy progressed, I then found out she also has a heart defect (complete AVSD) as well as a cleft lip and palette and an oesophageal atresia. But I say alhamdulilah wa shukur. This is a test from Allah and inshallah I will pass it. Sometimes things happen and we cant do anything about it. This life is a test. Its all about the akhirah. What I’m trying ro say is stay strong habeebti. Everyone gets tested in a different way but we all get tested one way or the other. We say alhamdulilah wa shukur and march on. Its all we can do. Inshallah I hear good news from your end real soon. You will be in my duaa’s inshallah during this holy month and always.


    1. Ws!! So lovely to hear from you.. Your message has really touched me.. Thank you for taking the time to write and share what your going through.. I pray your pregnancy and birth goes smoothly.. I really believe in what you said, this is a test and sometimes our life takes a turn in an unexpected direction but there is a reason for everything.. I’m thankful for everything alhamdulillah.. Thank you so much again for your message, i am truly humbled. Sending you and your bump a big hug and lots of love.. You and your family will always be in my duas.. XxxxxX


  2. Salam Milad! My mom Dr Shaikley sent me to your blog – she has been very inspired by you. Your positivity is contagious! I learn from you every time I read a post. Sending much love to you ❤


    1. Ws Layla! Thanks so much for messaging! Your mum is a total gem and has been such a big support i love her to bits!! Thank you so much for reading my posts its so sweet of you. Thanks for your kind words.. Lots of love and hugs xxxxx


  3. Dear Milad,
    I’ve been reading your blogs and wanted to tell you how touched I am by your words and your story. Thank you for sharing it with us and consequently shedding light on an issue which many of us probably don’t have much awareness about. I don’t know if this sounds odd but I love that you’ve shared your experiences in such a human way; both the ups and the downs, your hopes, fears and day to day events. It shows that life is what you make of it, you take control of the things you can and the rest is faith and submission. You are incredibly brave and both your honesty and resilience is inspiring. I hope I can take some lessons from it in my own life. Keep God close to your heart because positivity is what prevails. We are all praying for you and sending you our love xx


    1. Hi Sura, thank you so much for reading my blog and messaging! Im really touched by everyones kind words and support. I agree with you unfortunately there isnt that much awareness about cancer and chemotherapy as a treatment, even as a medic myself i dont think i really ever appreciated the burden that comes with this illness, it was a real wake up call for myself. Thank you again for your message and your prayers, i really appreciate it all. Thank u! Lots of love xxxx


  4. I’ve saved your blog on your home page. I dread clicking on it and hearing you’ve had a bad day. But I get so happy hearing you’ve had a better day. Alhamduallah =)


  5. Salams Milad
    I am so glad you are feeling better. Since your last post I have been constantly thinking about the pain in your mouth. Many thanks for sharing your story with us and passing us positivity despite your challenge. Sending you lots of love and duas. Stay strong 🙂


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