Drive Blood Cancer Away

It has been just over three months since i had my bone marrow transplant and i am slowly recovering and waiting to see what will happen in the coming days.. I have had one hiccup since my transplant – a one week admission in hospital at the end of February. The toll that chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant have on your body is not little.. i still have ongoing appointments and follow up.. but i am grateful to God for every day that i am living amongst my family and slowly regaining ‘normality’…

I am just one of many people who has experienced blood cancer.. but there are many more out there laying on hospital beds waiting desperately for a stem cell transplant.. people who need a stem cell donor.. i pray no one reading my post will ever face blood cancer or have a loved one who does..

Please please help save a life.. my sister co-founded a charity called “Asian Middleastern Blood Cancer Trust – AMEBCT” 3 years before i was diagnosed, this charity was set up to raise awareness about blood cancer and bone marrow donation – my sister would never have imagined that someone from her own family would be diagnosed with blood cancer… but it can happen to anyone.. No one is invincible..

If you have been affected by my story and journey please attend this event to raise awareness and help drive blood cancer away..

Members of BME are extremely under represented on world wide bone marrow/stem cell donation registers – less than 6% of Asians and less than 0.12% of middleasterners.

Please help support this cause by circulating the poster for this upcoming event. The event will feature two inspirational individuals, a blood cancer survivor and a spinal cord injury survivor.

To book tickets:

Thank you

Lots of love to you all xxxxx


8 thoughts on “Drive Blood Cancer Away

  1. This is incredible that your sister started this charity well before your diagnosis.
    Sister you are so brave, I often think of you and wonder how you are feeling.
    Your blog posts are educational and heartfelt.
    May Allah swt restore you back to perfect health Inshallah. Making lots of dua for you.


  2. Sending you all the love I poses. Keep fighting my beautiful warrior princess.

    Love you tons❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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