About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog..

I am a British Muslim doctor of Middleastern origin, born in Iran to a half Iraqi half Iranian father and a Kurdish Iranian mother. I came to the UK aged less than two and ever since then London has been my home.

I live with my parents, two sisters and niece. I am happily engaged to my bestfriend and soul mate.

At home I was the more quiet and boring child who tried to stay out of trouble and was always very career driven. I knew i wanted to be a doctor from a young age and nothing was going to stop me achieving my ultimate goal. I was priveldged to be schooled well and had supportive parents who put their all in to helping me get into medicine and become a doctor.

I am currently training to be a general practionner (GP) and i was due to complete my training next year, unfortunately this has now been put on hold. Being a doctor means everything to me, i am my happiest when at work, my patients are my world and giving them good care brings me joy.

I am a normal girl who loves clothes and fashion, i enjoy dressing up for occassions but i am no good at hair and makeup! I have a passion for travelling and i dream of making my way around the globe meeting new people and exploring different cultures. I love being on a boat in the sea, there is something magical about it, the cool breeze blowing on my face and the sound of the waves brings me peace and joy.

I would describe myself as a devout muslim, my faith is important to me and shapes how i act. I have full respect for all people with and without faith, regardless of their gender and the choices they make.. I strongly believe we should not judge others, people should be allowed to live as they wish.

I pray that my lord helps me through my journey and with the prayers of those who care for me i will get through this.