Losing my eggs..

By far the most difficult days I have lived through were when I lost my eggs.. much tougher than any cancer treatment.. the most broken I have ever felt.. the most I have ever cried..

I will just stop there.. and share the notes i wrote back then.. there may be some repetition.. but i just thought i’d share with you what i was going through back then..

The next morning I was told that I had lost another egg.. 7 out of 9 in less than 24 hours..


2 thoughts on “Losing my eggs..

  1. Milad! Whilst I’ve been so glad to hear an update from you, and especially on such beautiful news of your baby girl, it’s been such a difficult read 😦

    We both had babies in March 2022, but your journey leading up to that point has been filled with so much heart break 😦 You’re an inspiration, and a reminder to really feel gratitude for our blessings.

    IA your baby girl will grow to realise what a hero she has for a mummy ❤️


  2. Dear Milad. I know the journey that you have been through and I was in tears to hear this happy news that you are finally a mum and that God has answered your
    heart’s desire. I wish you only good health and positive vibes. Sending lots of Love xx


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