Macmillan coffee morning 

Firstly a quick health update..

This week i have had further blood tests and i saw my consultant who advised we need to restart my chemotherapy and delay it no further  (my last chemo session was 3 weeks ago).

Unfortunately due to limited resources i will not be able to have a new PICC line put in, until the nurse who does the procedure comes back from leave, in 3 weeks time.. That means i have to have 2 sessions of chemotherapy through my small arm veins and tolerate the burning pain that comes with it.. I am very worried and anxious about having to experience that excruciating pain again.. But at the same time i am pleased my chemo is restarting so i can get back on the track to recovery!

Today i will have my next chemotherapy – making it my 8th session.. I can finally start crossing days off on my calendar again.. 

I am really bothered that this month (blood cancer awareness month) has come to an end and I havnt posted about blood cancer itself – or at least Hodgkins lymphoma (my cancer).. Each time i start writing i close the screen and save it as a draft.. Not because i’m lazy, but i dont like focussing on my cancer, i prefer to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.. Maybe part of me is in some form of denial.. I know I could do so much more to raise awareness and to give back.. Everyone is different and everyone has a different journey.. For me i have shared my personal journey so far and relied heavily on the reader to go out and read about my cancer.. something I’m not particularly proud of.. When i can find the mindset i will finish the posts that are piling up in my draft folder!

Anyway.. Enough waffling and lets talk about..


Today is Macmillan coffee morning!!! Please get involved and donate to this amazing cause.. Macmillan is one of the best cancer charities out there.. I know about them not just because I am a patient but because I have worked with them as a doctor, I have seen hands on the amount of support they give to cancer patients.. They are true heros!

Visit the Macmillan coffee morning website for more information and to donate:

The Macmillan coffee morning website is great it tells you how you can donate and where you can find a coffee morning near you..

Disclaimer: the above images are screenshots from the Macmillan coffee morning website.. I mean I’m sure that’s pretty obvious.. (Do not want to deal with anyone complaining about copyright infringement!)

Before i get ready to go into hospital.. I have to share some positivity.. 

I am fortunate enough to have not needed any support from Macmillan as i am surrounded by so many loving people you have been with me from day one..

Time for some more thank yous!

I received this stunning bouquet from my fiancé friend and his wife.. Ali and Dalya THANK YOU SO MUCH.. This was a total surprise!!! I love this bouquet its so pretty!! You guys are so sweet.. I can’t wait to get better and meet you properly!! Thank you so much.. Lots of love from me and Ali to you both xxxxx

WHEN YOU BEST FRIEND FINALLY COMES BACK FROM KUWAIT!!!!! Oh.. And she obviously always finds a way to spoil you… JUMANAH i love you!!!!! Arabic magazines because i’ve read all the english ones.. The most tasty date sweet (klecha) hand made and wrapped by her mum all the way from kuwait!!! Finally a beautiful scent and candle from Jo Malone (we all need a bit of Jo Malone in our life!!).. Thank you!!!!!

Then this came through the post.. From two special ladies.. My sisters close friends.. Maryam Allawi and Sukaina Kadhum.. I hear a lot a lot a lot about you girls.. I think we briefly met the night before my engagement party.. i really was surprised when i found out this gift is from you both.. YOU ARE SO SWEET!!!! A personalised notebook and matching pen… 100% my taste… This has to be my favourite notebook and pen combo… Thank you so much for your kindness! Vian is lucky to have such loyal friends lovd you lots xxxxxxx

My beautiful cousin Sora just came back from Rome and somehow still managed to find time to send me this stunning bouquet of lillies with the prettiest vase.. I can’t wait for the lillies to open up!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Love u lots and lots xxxxxxxx

So yes i do have the bestest best friends on this planet.. My best friend Jichi can i just say i havnt shown all your gifts (the ones you got when i first fell ill so big apologies)… Firstly thank you for this hilarious book full of witty english comedy.. A easy read.. Especially when i have no energy!! THANK U SO MUCH for the beautiful bamboo knitting needles (i love knitting) I started using them immediately!!! Oh and the cover they come in is so cute!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. 

Finally a massive thank you to my little sisters friend FK for the delicious sweets from Jordan! They were eaten before i managed to take a photo!

On that note i end this post with lots of love and positive energy..

I better get up and get ready for chemo..



8 thoughts on “Macmillan coffee morning 

  1. Praying for you always Milad, inshallah you grow from strength to strength and your next chemo session goes smoothly and is the least painful yet! Keep fighting, you can do this xxxx


  2. Salam Milad,
    I and Dalya are very pleased with the progress of your chemotherapy and pray for your quick recovery and less pain throughout.

    We were very pleased to find out that you liked the flowers. InshaAllah the next bouquet of flowers you will carry is the one you will throw at your single friends at your wedding…


    1. Ws Ali!! So lovely to hear from you!!! Sorry for the late reply.. Really hope you and Dalya are well.. Can i just say your flowers are still as fresh as they were on day one! They truly are long lasting and stunning! Thank you again!

      Thank you for the kind wishes.. Please send Dalya my love


    1. Thank you so much!! I am truly touched by the messages from people i have never met! Btw i get email notifications of your posts and i read them on my email!

      Lots of love to you and your family xxxxx


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