Day 13 – The calm before the chemo

Hi! I’m back…

The last few days have been great! I feel like my old self again, thankfully my B-symptoms (night sweats, fever and itching) have pretty much gone! Today i wore a pair of jeans and T-shirt again and finally i can throw away my granny nighties and get back into my usual PJs.. It feels so good to cover up with a duvet at night and not needing a fan blowing in my face constantly.. Normality.. It’s priceless!

Today i went into hospital to have my ‘Pre-chemotherapy bloods’ (my next chemo is this Wednesday). I was fortunate to bypass the long wait in the phlebotomy department as one of my friends/colleagues did my blood tests.. the perks of working in hospital.. It also meant i got to catch up with some of my colleagues.. Normality.. Seeing familiar faces and chatting away.. I do miss my work and colleagues, i just cant wait to get better so i can get back to doing what i enjoy.

In the last few days i spent a lot of time with myself thinking things through.. I’ve decided to push myself and do what i can whilst i’m going through better days as inevitably with time i will begin to go downhill again.. Chemo and its perks…

I’m thankful to still have my hair.. I know it will begin to fall out with my upcoming chemo sessions but i’m making the most of having hair.. I’m straightning it and curling it.. If your wondering how i’m curling short hair dont ask.. like my niece says i look like i’ve “just woken up from bed”.

One of my biggest worries at the moment is the weight i’m piling on.. Being on high dose steroids is not fun.. i’m not one who normally has a problem with weight, if anything i usually struggle to put on weight. Since i’ve fallen ill my weight has gone up from 49kg to 59kg.. It may seem that i’m more healthy now but with the steroids fat gets distributed unevenly – not nice. I’ve had to make a lot of lifestyle changes which i’ll talk about at a later stage.. Lets not bore you in one go..

Illness is not easy, everything changes and you have to keep adapting.. 

For now I am happy and content.. Today i am spending my evening eating out in a restaurant.. My last outing before chemo day

I’m looking forward to my next dose of toxic chemo as it means I will be one step closer to getting better (I pray)… 

In preparation for my next chemo my best friends made me the most amazing surprise! They left this beautiful chemo hamper on my doorstep.. I am grateful to be surrounded by so many loving people… 

How can I complain or be sad? Perhaps I was robbed of my health.. But I have so much more for which I am truly blessed..


8 thoughts on “Day 13 – The calm before the chemo

  1. I was checking your blog like 3 times a day waiting for a post! Glad to hear you have been well 🙂 inshallah next chemo session will go smoothly. You have so much awaiting you post treatment so stay strong xx


    1. Hey Kosar! Thanks for messaging.. I’m really sorry you’ve had to check my blog several times, i’ve been slow at posting as i wanted to embrace every minute of being well doing what i can. Thank you so much for your kind words and wishes. Lots of love xxxxx


  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Look sweetheart, you've got an army fighting this battle with you. You are already a winner. LOVE YOU ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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