2nd dose of chemo – cycle 1 completed

Yesterday I had my second shot of chemo meaning I’ve completed my first cycle.. Every 2 shots of chemo make up a cycle,  and I need a minimum of 6 cycles. Let the countdown begin..

So yesterdays chemo.. This is how it all went..

My appointment was at 12:30 but when I got there I was told my chemo medication was not ready so I had to wait around for just over half an hour. Luckily I had taken a magazine with me so I tried to keep myself busy.. I’m not the most patient of people.. I hate wating around!

Finally I was told my chemo medications had arrived and I was taken into the chemo unit where I chose the same seat as last time.. I prefer sitting in the corner where I have more privacy as well as a good view of the whole room… Trust me when you have to spend 4 hours in one seat you need to make the most of every form of distraction including people watching.. I sound like a stalker, but honestly as a doctor it interests me watching patients and trying to figure out what cancer they may have and how far they are in their treatment!

Having chemo is like being on a plane.. You are sat in a seat for hours trying to find anything to do to help time pass.. Chemo patients get ‘business class’ seats which recline how cool!!?? But chemo partners (my younger sister on this occasion) get standard ‘economy’ seats – not comfortable.

Anyhow enough waffling.. So yesterday the nurse couldnt find my veins so I had to stick my hand in a bucket of warm water – a bucket usually used for ‘infectious substances’ – to be fair it looked clean. I’ve never had the time and luxury to use warm water to help bring up my patients veins, since at work I’m usually always under time pressure, but the chemo unit is so chilled and they really take their time.

Finally a vein was found and my treatment began..

Luckily my younger sister had downloaded a movie on her laptop (Now You See Me) which we ended up watching whilst I munched on some fruits.. This really helped.. A great distraction which took my mind off the ‘stinging’ pain of chemo..

The chemotherapy itself was okay whilst I was receiving it…

However, about an hour after the treatment I really felt the chemo kick in.. I felt so drained as though I had been hit by a bus.. so off to bed I went.. 

Unfortunately I really struggled to sleep because I had awful nausea (no vomiting! Praise the lord), I’ve been given anti-sickness medication which I took, this did help for a while and then the nausea was back.. so that meant no dinner for me. I also felt very feverish and ‘shaky’ after this chemo treatment.. thankfully this wore off after a few hours.

This morning I feel much better, minimal nausea.. And may I mention.. I’ve woken up with a full head of hair!! I know my hair will begin to fall out soon.. but it feels great to know I’ve got one more day with hair.. I’m beginning to really appreciate my short hair.. some hair is really better than no hair!

Earlier, I described receiving chemo as being similar to a plane ride. The main notable difference is that when you get up from your plane seat to leave, you’re going to a destination to have fun.. Whereas with chemo, I get off my comfy recliner seat and go home carrying a mind full of worry.. how will my body react.. when will my hair fall.. will i get better…?

I’m glad I’m feeling better this morning.. I will try to down some breakfast.. only the upcoming days will tell what side effects I’ll get – hopefully none (fingers and toes crossed!)

Morning pills..

Got up this morning to banging on my home door.. Went to open the door to find I had a delivery.. 



From my little princess.. My cute niece.. So adorable!

Sending everyone lots of love and positivity xxx


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