Day 20 – Patience

The last few days have been tough again.. With the return of my sore mouth, night sweats and fatigue sometimes the only words to describe how i feel is “fed up”… 

Chemotherapy is definitely no walk in the park, but knowing that my terrible symptoms only last several days gives me some sense of relief.. I have learnt a lot about patience..

What’s probably been most distressing these days is the return of my night sweats.. i don’t know what’s worse, waking up in a puddle of sweat or having a broken sleep pattern because of it. When my sweats first came back i went into complete panic mode thinking ‘my body stopped responding to the chemotherapy’.. but actually thinking it through it could simply be the side effect from my hormone injection which can give night sweats and hot flushes.. I’m seeing my doctor in two days and i have a repeat scan coming up in a months time.. So for now there is just no point stressing.. I’m going to be patient..

Hair updates.. I still have my hair!! But it’s begining to fall out.. Todays hair forecast is the worst so far, my scalp has began to feel tender and i lost a lot of hair in the shower.. If i just touch my hair it falls out, never mind running my hand through it.. I just pray and wish my hair doesn’t completely fall out before my birthday.. with only 20 days to go im not sure thats going to be the case.. but ill just hold on tight.. you never know..

I really dont have more to add today.. With whats happening in the world trust me my life is simply smooth sailing.. With Brexit, England out of Euro 2016 and the tragic terrorist attack on Baghdad i dont know what else can go wrong in such a short space of time..

On the positive side.. Wales is through to the quarter finals, Andy Murray won todays match, Boris Johnson won’t be our next prime minister, and despite all the terrorist attacks Iraq will always stand strong.

Eid is round the corner.. I hope to have my smile back in time (goodbye sore mouth), a full head of hair and plenty of sweets. Wishing all those celebrating Eid a happy day in advance..

Finally i can not thank those who have messaged me enough.. I am so thankful for all the support and prayers which are making my journey somewhat more bearable.. A big shout out to my community who showed so much love and care when my dad was unwell in 2013 and once again during my illness.. I am truly grateful..

From my gorgeous cousin in Belgium

This amazing gift from truly beautiful humans.. My favourite fruit aswell! Thank you so much!

Today’s lovely surprise.. I am so touched and grateful.. Thank you!!

Lots of love xxx


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