Absolutely Fabulous

Happy Eid to all those celebrating! For those mourning the loss of their loved ones in the tragic terrorist attack in Baghdad i send them my heartfelt wishes and pray that their upcoming Eid is more joyous.

My symptoms have significantly improved since yesterday (minus the night sweats which are becoming a part if me). Yesterday evening i drove for the second time in over 4 months.. I miss my car and getting behind the wheel.. I felt liberated just being able to drive to a local sweet shop to pick up some Eid sweets..

Today has treated me well.. I am so much better and not in any pain.. I spent the day with my loved ones, we had a nice feast and ate our hearts out! Yep i have definitely piled on some calories.. Other than wishing my dad had been with us I couldnt ask for more on such a day.. 

Let me share with you some pictures of our humble family celebration… Dad your presence was missed!

I would describe today as being absolutely fabulous in many ways.. Minus the most terrible movie which I watched in cinema with my family.. Now who picked the movie I’ll keep to myself (me).. As for which movie it was.. I don’t like telling tales.. I’m sure my blog title gives nothing away! But really I was sat there in the movie totally bewildered and confused as to why some people were laughing.. I myself laughed a few times, but merely at the fact that I was sat there bored to death.. Refusing to leave because I had paid for the ticket and thats that.

It’s getting late so i don’t want to write more.. I did see my consultant today.. Yes i was in hospital for an appointment even on Eid.. I will write about that separately tomorrow.. Today i just want to say i am very well and i send my love to everyone..

Before i fall into a deep sleep.. I have to thank one of the nicest and most loyal humans i know who sent me a stunning bouquet of flowers today.. Super fancy flowers which are so much more beautiful in reality.. Avan you’re one of a kind! 

Also i have to mention my mum.. my best friend, the closest human to me and my world.. Thank you for the Eid flowers, i love u!!!

Goodnight.. May everyones days be filled with love and the sweet scent of flowers xxxx

7 thoughts on “Absolutely Fabulous

  1. Dearest Milad
    It was really heartening to read that you had a fantastic Eid.
    May Allah bestow His choicest blessings and grant you strength and inspiration.
    You have certainly brought a different dimension to my life and I very much look forward to following your blogs.
    Love and prayers


    1. Hi Rozmin! So lovely to hear from you again.. Thank you so much for following my blog it genuinely means a lot to me. Inshallah you and your family had an amazing Eid. Sending you lots if love xxxx


  2. Dear Milad…. You made my day by knowing that you felt much better today since you said you are pain free today.

    Inshallah you will always feel better and better every single day.

    Happy Eid habibti

    Wasan kubba


    1. Habibti Khala wasan thank you so much for following my blog! Thank you for the beautiful flowers which made our Eid table look pretty. I pray Allah keeps you in the best health. Eid Mubarak to you and your family. Sending you lots of love kisses and hugs xxxx


  3. Milad…. You made my day by knowing that you felt much better today since you said you are pain free today.

    Inshallah you will always feel better and better every single day.

    Happy Eid habibti.


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