PET scan result..

Not long left till i leave to go to the hospital for my first chemotherapy session.. However i had to share this first..

I just recieved a phone call from my consultant who gave me the result of my PET scan!! It was discussed in a meeting yesterday and they can now confirm my staging has not changed.. I am still a stage 2B.. The PET scan did not show any evidence of cancer below my diaphragm.. All the cancer in my lymph nodes are above my diaphragm.. My cancer is in the lymph nodes of my neck, both breasts, under my armpits, around my heart and lung.. Even though the disease above my diaphragm is “extensive” my staging does not change which is excellent news!!!!!

I am so happy.. Perfect timing for a boost of positivity before going into hospital today!

My PET scan will be repeated in 2-3 months to see if the disease has responded to the chemotherapy, if its the same or if its spread further.. Till then i will focus on my chemotherapy..

Before i head off to get ready i had to post this adorable gift i got in the post from one of my closest friends.. I feel like a child in a candy shop!


7 thoughts on “PET scan result..

  1. Milad, I feel I am on this journey with you, along with everyone else who reads. I awaited the PET scan results anxiously refreshing every day. Alif alhamdulila for some positive news just as you embark on the start of your treatment. I pray that Allah swt will continue to give you the strength to face each day with the positivity that you have so far inspired us with.


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