I am lucky.. This is why..

I do not feel any sympathy towards myself.. My journey is not a sob story.. I have my good and bad days but i am strong, i am positive and most importantly i am very lucky..

What inspired me to write todays post is the month of Ramathan, a holy month in which practicing muslims like myself fast from sunrise to sunset for a month. This month is not just about abstaining from food.. Its about thinking about others.. being thankful.. and much more.

This is the first time that i am not fasting in Ramathan for obvious health reasons.. I think it will be lonely at home being the only one eating.. But i hope to observe this month in other ways.. 

So here are 10 reasons why i find myself lucky.. and for these reasons I am very thankful..

DISCLAIMER: Be prepared for some cheese.. 

1) I am lucky to have a faith and a God which i can turn to for guidance and spiritual elevation. My faith gives me direction and strength.. Without it i would feel lost.

2) My family are the biggest blessing i have.. There are many orphans in this dark world.. Many people have lost members of their family through wars, acts of terror or accidents.. I am lucky to be surrounded by a loving and supportive family.. I couldnt have picked a better partner, I would choose him again and again no matter what. My inlaws have stood by me.. i love them to bits. Also a big shout out to my extended family and my inlaws extended family.. Family is everything! 

3) True friends are those who hold your hand and stay by you during difficult times.. I am lucky to have caring friends who are still by my side even when i don’t feel well enough to talk to them.. They never walk away..

4) How lucky am i to live in a home with a roof on top of my head,  hot water and electricity.. I never go a day hungry and i have all the clothing I need and more.. I can’t bear to think how the homeless live or how the millions if refugees are living in cold dirty camp sites.. I am living in a safe country, I don’t sleep and wake to sounds of bombs.. I am lucky

5) I am lucky to be educated, have a degree and a job with amazingly supportive colleagues.. I am not oppressed.. I am treated equally to men.. I am lucky to be able to express myself.. I am lucky to be free

6) I am lucky to have all the materialistic things I wished for.. Without being specific but the luxury items I own including the car i drive.. All of which now mean so little in comparison to the bigger picture of life.. But i am lucky to have been able to get what i want.. I am lucky and thankful 

7) I have travelled to countries all over the world.. I am lucky i had the opportunity to meet new people and different cultures.. I am lucky and grateful for all the trips i have been on.

8) We all make mistakes and we all have our downfalls.. I am thankful for the mistakes i made and the downfalls i have had because they have shaped me.. I am lucky each time i was able to pick myself back up.. 

9) I am thankful for the health i have.. Are you surprised? Don’t be.. I am alive.. I am not dying.. And if i was i am lucky not to be dead. I am lucky for the 26 healthy years I lived.. And for the coming years which i will live.. I am not on a ventilator, i am not dependent on others.. I have cancer but i am lucky for my health..

10) Finally.. I am lucky and thankful because I accept myself as i am.. With all my flaws and imperfections.. I am content and at peace with myself.. and nothing not even my illness will take this away..
Now.. Stop.. Look at yourself.. Look around you.. You are blessed and you are great in your own way..

Be thankful for what you have.. We all have our ups and downs.. When you feel down just remember there is someone out there in this wide world who is worse off than you.. 

I thought i would share with you this motivational book which a thoughtful friend got for me (J thank you!).. I will share pages from it after each of my upcoming posts…

To those observing Ramathan.. I wish you a blessed month and a easy fast.. 


5 thoughts on “I am lucky.. This is why..

  1. Milad, God does not burden a soul beyond its capacity and you are testament to this fact. Your faith, strength and positivity is beyond admirable and will, by the grace of God and the Ahlulbayt (as), see you overcome this hurdle and fulfil all your heart’s desires.

    May this holy month bring you peace, happiness and the best of health inshallah.

    Thinking of and praying for you always xxxx


  2. Amazing. I admire your strength. If I become half the woman you are, I will be soooo grateful.
    I LOVE YOU M ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Habibti,
    We (this family) are lucky to have such a strong and willful women like you i admire your ability to see the positive in everything and i hope and pray to allah swt that my daughters grow up to become as wonderful and caring as u. Ramadhan kareem my dear we r all keeping u in our prayers and may allah bless u with good health so that by next year u will be fasting with all of us.
    Take care of your self hun xx


    1. Ramathan mubarak habibti Rawa.. My family is everything to me.. My strength comes from my family.. My aunts.. I remember your mums smile never left her face, she was a strong woman and i pray allah protects the remaining members of our family. Love u lots.. Please kiss the kids for me xxx


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