Day 55: Repeat PET scan and updates

My schedule has been fully packed! I’ve been into hospital 6 days out of the last 9, aswell as having lots of home visits.. 

It was so lovely having my cousins from Canada and Belgium over last week.. After they left I had visits from our close family friends who live in South Africa, relatives from London and also my cousin who lives in LA came over (shes holidaying in London this summer).. An international week!!! I felt time fly by as i’ve been kept busy which is great..

As for my health.. I’ve been in and out of hospital as i’ve had problems with my PICC line which stems back to how my PICC line was put in.. The procedure was not straight forward and i’ve been left with a extra hole. Initially I was told by my doctor that the skin around it is infected.. This is how it looked last week:

Today it still feels sore but is looking a bit better, the bruising has gone down too.. Sorry the photos may not be that clear!

Yesterday I had my favourite hormone injection.. The big fat Zoladex.. I think i’ve began to get used to the jab.. and the marks it leaves on my belly..

Today… I HAD MY PET SCAN!!!!! But no I don’t have the result.. and i wont have the result until next week at the earliest.

It’s been a mixture of emotions.. Excitement and nervousness.. So much falls on this one scan.. It will determine the length of my chemotherapy treatment.. I have a minimum of 4 months left.. If the scan shows my cancer is shrinking we stick to the 4 months.. Otherwise the length of my treatment and the drugs I take will have to change.. 

I can’t even begin to think of what the results may be and how I will react.. I wasn’t this nervous when I was given the results of the tests which confirmed the diagnosis of cancer, as I had a strong inclination of what the results would show. However, with this scan I have literally no idea.. it’s 50/50.. the scan can go either way.. I need good news.. I will be devastated if after all that i’ve been through i’m told chemo isn’t working..
Anyway.. Let’s not think about that.. 

I took a few snaps to share with you when I went for my scan today..

The radioactive substance I am given through my vein an hour before having the PET scan:

The syringe with the radioactive material is covered with metal to protect the healthcare professional injecting me (so they don’t get unnecessary radiation)..

The scan room..

The whole process took just over an hour and a half.. Whilst most patients would probably sleep as they are going through the scanner, I lay there wide awake.. I kept repeating prayers and reading verses from the Quran.. Praying that the scan would show i’m doing well.. I’m desperate for some good news.. Its been 3 months since I was diagnosed and my journey has been rocky.. I need some positive news to help me go on.. I don’t want to fight a losing battle.. 

Anyway.. Tomorrow I start my third cycle of chemotherapy.. It will be the first time my PICC line is used for chemo.. I pray it goes well.. I am worried because the skin around my PICC line is sore, I hope chemo doesn’t make it worse..

I hate chemo so much.. It is the worst treatment anyone can have.. Nothing about it is pleasant.. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick.. Thats why I need a good scan result.. I need to know that what i’m going through is worth it..

Ending on a flowery note..

The most gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my beautiful cousins Rania and Noor who got me these beauties fresh from their trip to Holland.. They came directly to my house to give them by hand so they are still fresh.. How amazing are they??? I LOVEEEE these flowers.. And LOVE you both soooo much!! Thank you!!

Such pretty orchids and gifts from my cousin Arib from LA… Seeing her and her famiy really made my day.. Her kids are adorable!! I hadn’t seen them for a few years so their visit meant so much.. I LOVE YOU Arib, Hadi, Hassoni, Sally and Mimi xxxxxx

The candy tasted devine… Yummy..
The cutest card from the children.. They are so adorable!!!!!

I pray everyone has family and friends who are supportive and loving like mine.. I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life..

I leave you with lots of love and hope.. XxxxX


10 thoughts on “Day 55: Repeat PET scan and updates

  1. You inspire me every time I read your blog, stay strong inshallah this difficult journey will be over soon and your back to health. Sending you a big hug🤗


  2. inshallah kheir ya rab….never give up 4 ur life and the ones who loves u….keep fhighting till the end…ps. u don’t know me so do i…but i really like ur blog….


  3. Inshallah the result will come back positive ya rab innaka 3ala kulli shay2in qadeer.
    Keeping you in my prayers! So happy to see the love and support you’re getting from your family and friends. Inshallah da2iman.

    Good luck with your next round of chemo. Go kick some cancer butt!! xoxoxo


  4. “You are not defeated when you lose, you are defeated when you quit.” I literally love your blog Milad,, so much positivity. Praying for you ALWAYS X


  5. Sending so so many duas your way. Whatever the result it’s not a losing battle. We’ll just have to fight back harder and beat that mofo eventually. Keep strong. Tafa2alu bil khayri tajidooh. Trust His plan for you. Love you so much xxx


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