PET Scan rescheduled 

Today I was due to have my PET scan, after being a good patient and complying with the rules of fasting for 6 hours prior and only drinking water, I arrived in the scan department and was told I couldn’t have the scan.

I have my PET scan at a different hospital to where I receive my treatment because this special scanner is not available in all hospitals. Today I found out that this scanner centre is actually a charity!!! How amazing?? Big shout out to all those who donate to this charity and allow people like me to be scanned.. there is so much good out there we just dont realise..

The reason my scan couldn’t go ahead today is because its too soon for me to have the scan, it has to be two weeks after my last dose of chemo otherwise the result won’t be accurate. I therefore need to go back next week to have the scan. I am very dissapointed my scan had to be rescheduled and was upset when I was first told because I’ve been looking forward to knowing how I’m responding to chemo.. But one more week shouldn’t be too bad.. It’s not ideal for any patient to have to have to travel all the way and then be told they can’t have what’s scheduled… in a perfect world things would occur correctly the first time round.. but its not a perfect world, and it’s always good to try and look on the bright side… Infact my trip to this hospital did not go to waste..

As I was sat there waiting for my new scan appointment to be booked I was flicking through an outdated magazine, delving into the uninteresting lives of celebrities and their relationship breakdowns.. then I look up and standing infront of me is Michelle holding a wrapped gift and beaming with her warm smile.. Michelle is the radiographer who scanned me when I had my initial PET scan.. I still remember how warm and kind she was to me.. A face that stayed in my mind..

Michelle has been following my blog and worked out when I would be in so she popped by to say hello and give me a gift.. Even though she was working in a different scanner today she still managed to come over to find me.. How incredible is she??!!! Seriously since falling ill I have met people who have touched my life in so many ways.. People like Michelle who is a healthcare professional who treats her patients as humans and not a number.. It was so nice seeing her and having a bit of a chat.. I feel so blessed to have met people like Michelle.. Thank you so much!!! Thank you is not enough..

These are the beautiful gifts I received from her.. Thank you one million times.. You have made me smile and turned what was a dissapointing day into a happy one..

How cute is she?? We need more Michelles in the NHS.. Caring healthcare professionals!

In other news.. I had my blood tests repeated yesterday, unfortunately the bloods that were taken clotted. When I got back home I got a phonecall saying I needed to return to the hospital to have the bloods repeated.. Not convenient .. Luckily I live close to the hospital and thankfully now I have a PICC line bloods can be taken out of it.. No more needles!!!

The good news is, my white cell count is now back up!! 

What’s next? 

I’m seeing my consultant tomorrow.. next week is my PET scan and more chemo..

Today is a good day.. It’s my nieces birthday!!! Happy birthday to our little princess.. Also my dad lands today.. I pray he had a safe trip.. I have missed him soooo much beyond words..

Sending you all lots of love and happiness… XxxX


5 thoughts on “PET Scan rescheduled 

  1. Your blog is the highlight of my day. So much love and hope and flowers lol. Beautiful people attract beautiful people ❤ Such an Arab thing to say lol. #butwhocarescoztodayisagoodday
    Michelle if you’re reading this, you’re amazing! X


    1. Wow, I wasn’t expecting to feature on your blog 🙂 Milad, no need to thank me. As I keep saying, you and other patients touch my heart, seeing how strong you all are through your fight with cancer. After 18 years working as a radiographer, working at the scanner centre has been the most fulfilling for me. I will strive to bring a little sparkle in every patient’s visit that I come across, as you never know what a difference a smile or a good deed
      makes in a person’s day.

      Good luck for next week xx


      1. You are amazing inside and out!! You will continue to bring big sparkles into the lives of everyone you meet!! Love u lots!! Thank you for reading my blog and for all your kindness.. Hope you have the best ever holiday, my love to your family 💋💋💋💋💋


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