Finishing off chemo in style: 2nd hospital admission

Hello from my hospital bed S1..

Unfortunately yesterday didnt quite work out as i had planned.. The chemo session was by far my roughest so far with non stop vomitting which totally wore me out.. I had 3 of my 4 chemotherapy drugs given… because of the amount i had vomitted i was given a drip to hydrate me and the haemtology doctor prescribed me an additional anti sickness medication to be given through my PICC line to reduce the severity of my vomiting.. So that medication was started as was my fourth chemotherapy drug.. Then things went downhill from there..

What happened next? I really can not recall the events clearly, but from what i do remember and from what iv been told I became drowsy and wasn’t responding to my mum who then called out to the chemo nurse.. The nurse couldn’t wake me up either and so the doctors were called along with more medical staff.. The next thing I remember is hearing the doctor say open your eyes and giving me other instructions… My eyelids felt heavy but I could hear everything around me, I squeezed the doctors hand so he would know i could hear him.. Very shortly after i opened my eyes still feeling very sleepy, i had a oxygen mask on my face (which i pulled off – it’s not particularly comfortable) and i looking around me i could see a few faces staring at me.. It all sounds bizarre i know.. I’ve been told the event lasted 2-3 minutes and it took me 15 minutes to completely return back to normal!

I feel back to normal now.. What is normal? I have my usual post chemo nausea and vomiting.. No big deal.. I’m used to that..

I’ve been kept in hospital for tests to see what may have caused my “funny turn”.. I’m pretty confident it was the anti sickness drug i was given, but my doctors want to rule out anything more sinister.. 

Frustrated is a understatement of how i feel.. All i want is to be back in the comfort of my home watching TV and not being attached to drips.. But you know what.. its always easy to complain.. If the doctors dont take things seriously they are criticised.. and if they order every test under the moon they are criticised for over doing it.. Its a no win situation.. I am extremely thankful my consultant and the haematology team have been so great and are doing their best for me.. but i would love to just go home..

I guess your thinking did i finish my chemo and do i need more? I didn’t completely finish my chemo session as i had one drug to go, but the decision is i will have no further chemotherapy pending the result of my PET scan in a few weeks time…and that in itself is great news!

So now what? I’ve had a CT scan of my brain which has come back clear yipeeeee.. But now i need to have a MRI scan of my brain, heart tests and a lumbar puncture (taking fluid from around the spine- a procedure similar to epidurals which some ladies choose to have in labour).. In the mean time i am on antibiotics and antiviral medications through a drip to cover me for encephalitis – inflammation/infection of the brain.. Very unlikely i have this but until my tests come back clear they want to be cautious..

It probably sounds more dramatic than it is and a total over kill.. But that’s what medicine is a lot of the time.. The picture isn’t always clear so you try and approach it from different angels.. A bit like detective work.. Really interesting and fun.. But after all the hard work your not always left with a conclusive answer, simply because we are all different as individuals and our bodies are so complex and it will take many more years to understand it fully… The geek in me misses being at work! Doctor or patient? I’d pick the role of the doctor anyday!!
I hope what happened yesterday was a one off.. Im just a tad fed up.. Surely things will only get better right?  
Lots of love and positive energy.. 

I leave you with my current view..


7 thoughts on “Finishing off chemo in style: 2nd hospital admission

  1. Akh so sorry to hear you’re in hospital again 😦

    Praying for your speedy recovery and inshallah we will get to share the joy of positive PET scan results soon, yaa rab. Xxx


  2. We have never met but through your blog you have allowed me into your life. You are so positive and brave. You have really opened my eyes up to the reality of having this kind of test in life. Inshallah your test is over soon and you hear only good news. I pray for you with every prayer I pray, inshallah it’s not long now and you are back to health.


    1. Thank you so much for always taking the time to message.. it really means a lot.. we may not have met/know each other but your support means so much! Thank you for all the prayers.. i really hope you and your family are well.. lots and lots of love xxxxxx

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  3. Princess, I’m so sorry you have been through a lot. I hope you feel better soon and the tests all come back clear. I’m thinking and praying for you every night. Please keep me Informed about your situation. I know it will all be good news, keep positive. ???????????

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