Reaching the half way mark – cycle 3 over

Wow its been a long time.. Honest truth is i find it harder to get behind the screen and keep writing with each day.. I’d much rather avoid anything that reminds me of how sick i feel.. But after a few nudges from those close to me (especially my cousin Roya in Canada!) i’m back.. Also September is blood cancer awareness month.. So here i am keeping this blog alive..

So I can finally say I have reached the half way mark for my current chemo treatment! Last week i had the second half of my third cycle of chemo.. 

As happy as i am that i have reached this milestone, the reality is i am beyond exhausted as with each day my body is getting weaker. Chemo sessions are becoming more tough, with extreme fatigue and unforgiving nausea there are times when i feel that my treatment is more likely to kill me than my cancer.

The only way i can describe my fatigue is like my body’s battery is  on 20% or less.. There is only so much i can do before crashing.. But trust me i try to use that 20% to the full and be as normal as i can and enjoy every moment of it..

My immune system has been low this week – my white cell count has dropped to a seriously low level (i’m neutropenic again), which has meant i have been back on the injection (GCSF) to help boost my immunity.. 

I have also had a slight issue with my PICC line – it was briefly blocked – oh my lord that flash thought of having the line removed and a new one put in, or even worse having to go through the pain of chemo going through a small vein, not fun! Thankfully i was given a injection which unblocked the line – the line was likely blocked due to a blood clot.. So that drama was averted wuhooo

I’ve been backwards and forwards to the hospital this week – I saw my consultant and we had a chat about my nausea and vomiting – because thats the hot topic at the moment – no seriously she has changed my medication around in hope that my nausea will improve! 

So thats my brief health updated – in other news, my inlaws are in town, they have come over from Kuwait to visit! This is the first time i see them since falling ill so i have missed them a lot and it’s lovely knowing they are close by. Unfortunately because my immunity hasn’t been up to scratch i haven’t been able to go out with them as much as i would want. I hope this weekend i get to spend more time with them before my next chemo session..

Hmmmm anyway… I hope to post about my hairloss and a few other topics – maybe be more frank.. I mean it’s blood cancer awareness month, so probably the best time to open up more!

Thank you to those who continue to read my blog enteries and who are following my journey.. Thank you to everyone who has shown me so much support.. You are the reason why this blog is still open..
Lots of love to my inlaws for everything.. The support and love they have shown me is just beyond words.. They are truly family to me..  here are some lovely sweets from them.. How pretty???

LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE this girl.. Some friends you know are for keeps.. I am so happy I can call you my friend.. Thank you for all the support and love.. You are beyond beautiful.. inside and out.. I love you to bits.. Thank you Amna!!!!!

I was so surprised to recieve this beautiful card from my relatives in Wales!!!! So so touched!! Lots and lots of love..

Last but not lease.. My beautiful best friends.. They are the gift that keeps on giving.. Nothing i say and do will be enough.. Jumanah and Zahra how thoughtful of you??? Eye lashes for a girl whose lost quite a few lashes!!! How pretty are these eye lashes, too pretty to use, love them!!!!  Avan i loved the eye shadows soooo much i have been entertaining myself with them (i do silly make up tutorials on snap chat for my best friends – total mess – just for a laught) absolutely love them!!! Thank you guys.. Now stop spoiling me!!!! Love you 

Sending you all lots of love and positivity!! Please spread the word about blood cancer and raise awareness this month!


4 thoughts on “Reaching the half way mark – cycle 3 over

  1. Habibti
    Your strength is beyond words.
    When the battery is running low and you can’t get the car to turn over a little push always gets it going 😝
    You share. We learn. This is no time to hide it. I read every comment. I see the love you are surrounded with and eventhou we can not lift your battery level I hope we are able to lift your spirit. Love you tons. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


  2. Milad my love, it breaks my heart to hear about your sickness..and I pray you find a good combination of tablets to counteract all the chemo side effects and that it will get easier for you somehow. Honestly you’ve really opened up my eyes about the struggles that come with having cancer. Good on you for raising this awareness and finding the strength to carry on writing because I can imagine it being the last thing you want to do. We’re all cheering you on so keep doing what you’re doing! You’re on the road to beating cancer and you will inshallah💪 Hang in there. Lots of hugs and kisses and constant thoughts and prayers ❤xxxxxxxxxx


    1. Habibti Leen!! Thank you so much for your message.. It really touches me that you still read my blog!! Unfortunately with the antiemetics it is just trial and error, finding what combination will work, inshallah we will soon find it! Thank you sooooo much for all the support.. Love you lots and lots!!! 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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