My first PET scan

Those who have been following my blog will know that i am still waiting to recieve my complete ‘staging’ (how far my cancer has spread). Currently my stage is 2B but this may change. 

Today i had my PET/CT scan, basically this is a scan which highlights the areas in my body which have cancer. It will tell us if my cancer has spread further.

Its the first time i have such a scan, and the hospitals i have worked in have never had this type of scan so it was interesting getting to know all about it. The geek in me loves to learn new things, i hope my journey educates me more. I had a lovely radiographer who took me through everything which was great.

 I had been advised in advance not to eat anything 6 hours prior to my scan.. As my scan was in the morning 8:45 that wasnt an issue! Embarassingly i was 10minutes late to my appointment thanks to my luck of judgement for time and struggle to find the correct building! 

I was in the scanning department for just over a hour and a half. I was first given a radioactive substance which was injected through my vein, this travels around my body so when i go through the scanner the parts of my body which have cancer show up. I had to then sit alone in a room for 20 minutes doing nothing.. No reading.. No using of my mobile.. Just sitting there for 20minutes, pure and utter boredom! After 20minutes of no activity i was allowed to read a book or use my phone etc, i was also advised to drink water to stay hydrated. During this time i was still secluded, this lasted a further 35minutes.

The reason i was kept separate is because of the radioactive substance i was given, for 10 hours i have to be at a arms length from adults and avoid children and pregnant women.

 I then finally had my scan which lasted 20minutes.. I had to stay still the whole time.. For someone with constant itching i found it extremely difficult, i tried to focus on my breathing to distract myself from moving.. I dont know how i lasted the 20minutes but somehow i did!!

Now i just sit tight and wait for the result of my scan.. I really hope its good news and my cancer hasnt spread!

I took a quick snap of the PET scanner to share with you all…


15 thoughts on “My first PET scan

  1. Dear Milad
    Inshallah we will win this battle. You are a strong person and will become stronger. Will keep you in my prayers. Lots of love Gufran xxx


  2. Dearest Milad, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us; so many prayers for you from the bottom of my heart. I will not stop praying for you because my Lord is so Great and Merciful, he brings the dead back to life and heals the unhealable, HE says be and it is, and I know you know that and believe it. You are a strong faithful devout woman and Allah will bring you out of this stronger and better. I hope I can do more than pray for you and most importantly be a part of helping you get through this difficulty which InshaAllah will pass. Again, thank you for sharing, InshaAllah this will help you heal and help us increase the prayers.


  3. Meeting you was such a pleasure. You are a strong woman and that came across from just one meeting. Being a healthcare worker, I value learning from another person’s journey, so thank you for sharing your blog details with me. Michelle


  4. Habibti may allah give u all the strength and energy to defete this… and i pray from all my heart that you come out the other side stronger, better, more beautiful and even closer to allah. Never underestimate the power of dua and quran.. This is just a test and a phase, you will get through this im sure!!! You are stronger than cancer.
    Inshallah we as a community will come together and all pray for you… We won’t let cancer beat u and take such a young, pure and intelligent girl from us xxxx


  5. Your story really touched me. I have great belief that you will win this battle and come out of it a stronger person. Praying for you and wont forget you in my duas in the next Holy month. Xxxxxx


  6. I had to be a sleep before the scan.. tight spaces 😉
    You are much stronger than most people I met going through an illness. You will win this battle. ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. You are the hero. You are brave enough to talk about it and educate us in the process. Not all of cancer patients are able to let go of the anger. You are already halfway there. Love you always.


  7. Salam Milad,
    It’s Tayebeh Nawrozzadeh. I just heard and I admire what your doing with the blog and think that your so strong – not letting this define you. I wanted to tell you that your in my prayers and dua’s. Keep staying positive 😘


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