Day 4 – day of ups and downs

Today is day 4 following the start of my chemotherapy and lets just say its not been a smooth ride..

So todays events began at 3am when i was woken up by the thudding noise of my neice who was ‘sleep running’ yes.. Im serious.. If you thought sleep walking is strange let me introduce you to sleep running.. We live in a three floor house (we have a loft conversion where my neice and sister reside).. My niece has a unique history of sleep walking/running..  Now to be fair its not a regular habit.. If anything it rarely happens.. But early hours of the morning she jumped out of bed and sprinted down the stairs 2 steps at a time, thud thud thud… It was literally like she was running away from someone… My mum is a light sleeper like myself so she heard her and managed to stop her from getting all the way down to the ground floor.. By this point i was wide awake staring at a rather amusing scenario.. My mum trying to wake little Amira up, and in return my niece with her eyes closed shouting “i need to watch the video” (what video? I have no idea.. Children these days!).. My mum eventually won the battle and successfully managed to get Amira back to her room and into her bed.. Off they all went to sleep.. And there i was left with a total inability to fall asleep.. So no real sleep.. Pure exhaustion..

The day then got better.. Despite being really tired and wearing a bag of black under my eyes i managed to go out with my family and a close friend.. We went to a ‘beauty warehouse’ owned by the family of my sisters best friend.. They basically supply shops with beauty products and hair pieces including wigs!!!

Welcome to ‘Wig heaven’:

So much fun!!!

After an hour and a half of making our way through multiple aisles stocked up with wigs we settled on one (not pictured).. Conveniently a hairdresser was there for a business meeting and she kindly gave me some tips about wigs and sorted the wig out for me!!! So sweet of her!!

My friend/my sisters best friend was also there.. Her and her mum are just the nicest people ever.. They let me try on a few wigs so i make the right choice.. Aswell as giving me lots of love and hugs they refused to let me pay for them!!!! So embarassing! Honestly some people are just so nice words cant describe them! Off i went home.. Proudly holding my new ‘temporary wig’ until my handmade one is ready..

The day was just so perfect.. Nothing could go wrong.. 


A few hours later whilst at home.. Everything began to go down hill.. Health wise.. Symptom wise..

I was convinced i was going to have a smooth journey  with my chemotherapy.. No problems.. No pain.. No distress..

Well how naive was i?

Unfortunately i’m not feeling great at all.. I feel so weak and washed out (partly because of lack of sleep) but also i have awful tummy cramps.. But worst of all.. I have the sorest mouth.. I am in so much pain just trying to open or move my mouth.. I feel like my mouth is full of ulcers (even though its not).. I just cannot describe to you how painful my mouth feels.. Its like i’ve gargled in acid and the inner lining of my mouth has been burnt.. 

Yes i know i am a doctor.. But i am also a strong believer in getting advice from people who have suffered similar symptoms.. So i referred to ‘Sir Google’ for some much needed advice.. There are excellent forums with lots of advice.. So im trying to keep my mouth moist, iv tried to eat pineapples (which apparently help) and my family have gone to get me ‘alcohol free mouthwash'(its meant to be less irritable)…

Writing this blog is a great distraction from my pains.. But i know as soon as i put my phone down i will be faced with reality..

Who said chemotherapy is easy?

It’s only day 5.. 

Tummy cramps and a sore mouth are just the start.. I just wonder whats going to creep up next..

I just hope something works.. A sore mouth means talking is painful.. And eating is agonising..

Just makes you think.. We really don’t appreciate the small things we have.. The ability to eat and talk pain free..

Well.. Lets not be so negative.. It could always be worse.. Tomorrow is another day.. I’m going into hospital next week for a check up including blood tests to check my immunity.. It’s a comfort knowing that help is out there.. I am not alone..

It will get better..

Sending you all postive energy and a smile from a very sore mouth


6 thoughts on “Day 4 – day of ups and downs

  1. My mum had her first chemo for overian cancer and she’s using chlorhexedine mouthwash which helps a great deal. Try keeping it in the mouth for a few seconds first and gradually increase the time. It will alter ur taste but it’s on temp.
    She also fells a great deal better after the 1st week post chemo. Week 1 is the hardest, she’s almost bed bound from exhaustion, but after that she feels better.
    Hope week 2 is better for you. Sending you my best wishes


    1. Hey Leda.. Thank you for your sweet message and kind advice.. Really hope your mum has a speedy recovery and gets better soon.. Im sorry to hear about what shes going through, its reassuring to hear shes feeling better week 2 into her chemo.. Really hope things keep looking up. Please send her my love and i will be thinking about her.. Hope to hear good news xxxxx


  2. Salam habeebtee.
    I know exactly how your mouth feels. Let me tell you what helped me. In addition to constant Duaa.
    1. Gurgle your mouth with olive oil and sesame oil ulternating one or the other. Do this as much as you can and keep it in your mouth for a good few minutes.
    2. Take a table spoonful of olive oil and a table spoonful of sesame oil. These two do wonders and they work at the cellular level too.
    3. Everyday I used to drink with a wide straw my homemade smoothies
    Green smoothies which was made of mainly spinach, lemon juice, green vegetables, pineapples.
    Red smoothie which had all red and pink fruited and vegetables like tomatoes.
    Orange smoothie which had orange juice, sweet lemon juice, mango, pineapple apples and so on.
    Bone broth. This I used to drink three times a day. I literally boiled the bone in the pressure cooker for long time. Strained. Out in refrigerator. Next day removed the oil. And wormed the amount I used because this one tested good worm.
    And keep saying بردا وسلاما. Love you habeebtee.


    1. Habibti khaleh Haleema.. I cant thank you enough for all the tips which i will start following inshallah.. This morning i had a drink with a straw and it was definitely more comfortable.. I will try to stick to a liquid/mashed diet, inshallah i will make some smoothies and the broth. I am also using ‘Difflam’ a numbing oral rinse to help control the pain, but the idea of using olive oil and sesame oil seems great, i’ll try that too.

      Thank you so much for the constant support and for your advice.. I love you so much khaleh xxxxxx


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