The short cut

Yesterday i cut my hair.. Short.. A bob to be more specific..

A brave decision.. But one i had no choice but to take..

The last time i had short hair was when i was a baby.. 

I love long hair.. We have a saying in arabic that a womans hair is the crown of her beauty. I have never cut my hair short, i always grew it long and loved its length, if it wasn’t for my mum screaming down my ears to always trim it i would never let scissors go near my hair.

I love hair.. So much so that i have never died my hair out of fear that my hair may get damaged.. After showering i only towel dry my hair to avoid exposing it to too much heat from a hair dryer.. I only use heated products/go to the salon on special occassions.. So you can see.. I have always looked after my hair.. But now i will loose it all..

I decided to loose my long locks as psychologically it would be more easy to cope with the transition from long hair to short hair to no hair.

One of my dear friends took me to Toni and Guy where i met a lovely stylist called Nora, i told her my story.. Her eyes became teary and like a baby i cried as i ran my hands through my long hair.. I asked her to do what she wanted with my hair but i wanted it short.. I had nothing in mind.. I dont like short hair and i was not cutting my hair out of choice… So Nora cut my hair into a cute bob.. I feel naked.. I miss my long hair.. I am trying to stay positve.. I keep reminding myself that it will grow back.. One day it will..

I took some of my chopped off hair home with me.. Does it give me any comfort? Not really.. But its a reminder of what was and what will be.. My hair will grow back.. (She says as she wipes away her tears)

So cancer.. I am still on my feet.. U have cost me my long locks.. But they will grow back..

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