And.. another hospital admission..

This is just a quick update.. two days ago (Friday) i was discharged from hospital after spending a week in captivity – this time i did time for “neutropenic sepsis”..

So yep thats my fourth hospital in about 2 months.. i was only home for 9 days before i fell ill again.. i am becoming that annoying patient who just keeps coming back with something..

Basically as a side effect of chemotherapy i had a very low white cell count (the cells which fight infection) this is called Neutropenia in medical jargon.. a low white cell count puts you at a high risk of infections.. and i did get a infection which made me unwell..

I fell unwell the day i wrote my last post.. i began developing fevers of above 39.. but being stubborn me i took some paracetamol to bring the temperature down and slept.. however by the next day my temperature was still high and my family managed to drag me back to hospital and i was admitted.. it’s becoming a freaky coincidence that each time i write a post i end up back in hospital so i pray today nothing happens haha..

I spent a week in hospital having antibiotics through a drip.. i am now back home recovering..

A big shout out to my doctors and nurses who haven’t given up on me and my dramas.. sometimes i think “i bet their heart sinks when they hear im back in”..

Also a massive shout out to my sister Maryam who really took such great care of me and was like a mother figure.. thank you for your patience and love.. my better half no words describe you.. thank you for always being my hero.. my beautiful parents.. my sis vian.. all my family and friends.. you know who you are.. thank you..

Coincidentally i was a inpatient on my supposed “wedding day” – 23rd August.. I thought that day would be much more emotional.. it was in some ways.. i won’t lie i did shed a few tears.. but being in hospital put things into perspective.. it makes you realise how much health really is important.. and if i was given a choice between health or a wedding of course i would choose health without a shadow of a doubt.. i just want to get better.. if i ever get to have a wedding one day or not isnt important anymore.. i just want to get better.. i’ve never wanted something so much..

I was lucky to spend that day with my family and amazing friends (Mel and Nats love you).. we had a spiritual evening and did prayers which really uplifted my mood – thank you!

Okay.. so whats next.. my next chemo has been slightly delayed.. giving me more time to recover and a breathing space..

This was meant to be a quick update but I’m really good at waffling.. so ill stop now..

Lots of everlasting love, peace, positive energy, health and happiness to all.. for those on pilgrimage may you have the most uplifting spiritual journey.. thank you to everyone who remembers me in their prayers xxxxx


7 thoughts on “And.. another hospital admission..

  1. I want to make you happy but not because you are ill or anything but despite the fact that I dont know you, you seem real and sincere.
    Those qualities in you are just highlighted through your struggles.
    From what I know and my personal experience, a person doesn’t want pity or be defined by their disease/disorder be it mental or physical ( as I am writing this my anxious and self destructive mind is finding many irrational ways to attack what I just said and target myself fyi e.g. she doesn’t give a crap about you or why are you even saying this or who cares or why are you still explaining something about yourself on another person’s blog …i will stop now before this get tagged as spam).

    All I want to say is that from the bottom of my heart, that you get better ,just find happiness and solice.

    You are not defined by your disease, it just wishes to be even associated with a person like you.

    Hopefully, It won’t anymore so that you can approach life with less worries.

    Positive thoughts and prayers to you, your partner and first and foremost your family and close friends.

    Bottom line. You are great and incredible. Just know that.


  2. You’re in all of our duas and thoughts habibti. God has promised that with difficulty comes ease, and inshallah your ease comes very soon! x


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