Birthday Bash

Quick update on the health front before moving on to talk about more exciting birthday talk. Thursday night i began to feel unwell and was suspicious that i had an infection.. overnight i developed a fever which then settled by morning. I contacted the haematology unit at my hospital and was advised to come straight in. So off i went to hospital where i had some tests including a blood test. I was seen by the haematology doctor who told me i had an infection and was neutropenic (my white blood cells – the cells which fight infections were very low – below the acceptable cut off, this happens because chemotherapy can reduce my bone marrows ability to make new cells). I was given a G-CSF injection which helps stimulate my body to make new white blood cells. I was also started on antibiotics but I was allowed to go home as I was feeling better. The plan at that point was to have my blood tests repeated on Monday (today), and depending on the results they will decide if I can still have my chemotherapy on Wednesday or if it needs to be delayed until my white blood cells are back to an acceptable level. I have had my blood test today and I’m waiting for the result. I feel very well and I have been well over the weekend, I am positive my blood result will be okay and I can have chemo this week – not because I’m a big fan of chemo but I want to get better sooner..

Enough with the boring talk.. lets chat about some more exciting stuff!

On Friday i collected my wig!!!!!!! It’s so much better than I expected, my wig maker Amy from Amiwigs is just the best. I really feel my wig was made with a lot of love and care, Amy used pictures from my engagement to help her match the hair. I actually think it looks better than my original hair! Worth every penny! I am not using it yet as I haven’t gone bald.. but i have it on display in my bedroom on a polystyrene head, I know it will come into use soon.. I like combing it and playing with it (clearly I have a lot of time on my hands), best of all I love trying it on and flicking the hair back.. I can’t wait to get better so I can grow my hair again..

Moving on.. Or i’ll never stop chit chatting..

Yesterday was my birthday!! I am not normally a birthday person, not because I don’t believe in them, but i’m just not particularly fussed.. However this year i was going to make the most of it and so I did! These days I look for any reason to celebrate, be positive and embrace life, so when I have an excuse I latch on to it..

Yesterday was great, my family threw me what was meant to be a surprise birthday, but I kind of ruined it by being so inquisitive and figuring out what was going on! My family are honestly the biggest blessing I have, the hard work and effort they put in to keep me happy is unbelievable. A lot of credit to my fiance and sister Maryam who have spent the last few weeks running around like headless chickens trying to plan something.. We kept the party small as too many people in a small space is not good for me.

So here are some pictures.. 

I’m told the theme black and red was based around the red birthday cake they picked..

It was great celebrating with my loved ones.. Although I do wish my dad could have been there.

Again a massive thank you to my fiance and family.. Especially my fiance who is my all.. I don’t know what to say about him.. I can imagine life with cancer but I can’t imagine life without him.. Anyway..

Now some more pictures…

Family cards.. 

Some more pictures…

Woke up on my birthday to these beautiful 100 roses, chocolates and the most funny card.. Avan thank you for the best start to my birthday.. I am speechless.. Every single week.. A friend like you is so rare.. I love you!!!!!

Then another delivery.. what a beautiful surprise.. and one of the most thoughtful gifts from a drop dead gorgeous girl who I have a massive girl crush on! Love you Amna.. Thank you so so so so much 

Yellow flowers.. Because I love yellow.. Thank you Aseel.. You are truly one of my sisters and I love you to bits!!! Thank you for all your support xxxxxx

A cute gift from my my cousin Sora – childhood companion.. And basically not just family more than that.. Love you more than you will know!

So last but not least… Yesterday at the end of my party after everyone had left i was sat in the living room alone munching on baqlava (calories? What calories?).. Then i get a call from my friend telling me to open the house door.. And there standing on my doorstep were 2 of my bestest friends ever.. My 2 friends who knew about my illness before I was even formally diagnosed.. We have a whatsapp group called “fight like a girl”.. And its to them I rant first and complain.. They have been there in my darkest moments and I dont think my journey would be the same without them.. Thank you so much.. Your flowers your gift.. they speak for themselves.. I love you girls..


Right.. Cheese fest over.. Chemo on Wednesday if my immune system can tolerate it.. For now I’m off to bed.. Goodnight, lots of love and flowers xxxxxx


8 thoughts on “Birthday Bash

  1. iA many more happy birthdays to celebrate with your loved ones habibti. So happy to hear your keeping well. Lots of love n duas xx


  2. Happy belated birthday beautiful! Inshallah many wonderful years ahead and may each day be filled with eternal love, happiness, good health and success for this life and the next! Send our love to khala xxxxxx


  3. That glimpse of your smile is worth more than every flower on this planet. Love you tons. Aunties card brought tears to my eyes. Please give her a kiss from me. Today I wish you a very merry unbirthday. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Happy Birthday. Your house must smell incredible with all these beautiful flowers! You are clearly truly loved. Keep fighting. Emma X


    1. Hi Emma!! Oh its so lovely having all those flowers the house looks like a garden. I have the most loving family and friends, I wish everyone who is unwell has the support i have. Thanks so much for your message! Lots of love xxxx


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